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“Christina is clearly passionate about helping women to achieve their greatest potential.  She is invested in the success of her clients and the value they get from the coaching process.  Christina comes across as more than just a coach – she is an advocate, champion, mentor and friend.” – Jackie B., People Strategy Director

Coach. Light Liberator. Mama. Dreamer. Creator. Networking Queen. Empath. Storyteller. Fertility Warrior. 

Hi, I’m Christina! So grateful you found me here! Flashback to 2009 and you would have found me dashing through an airport in a stark black suit paired with Prada heels and a heavy laptop bag.  At first glance, you might have thought my life was quite glamourous: the six figure salary, designer suits, 100k frequent flier status, exotic travel destinations, luxury hotels, and so much more.  #BossLady

But would you have guessed that I spent many weekends curled up in a ball, so paralyzed by anxiety that I couldn’t function? Would you have guessed that my chosen profession and jet-setting lifestyle was literally making me sick? Because for nearly 14 years, I silenced my inner voice and chose the logic of my head over the stirrings of my heart EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  The side effects of living so incongruently were many: mysterious digestive issues diagnosed as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), lower back pain which required bi-coastal chiropractic care, insomnia, anxiety and panic attacks, depression, infertility, and general feel-like-shit-syndrome.  Yet, despite these strong signals, I kept on pushing forward and upward because God forbid I look like a quitter!  Until one day I realized I could no longer keep up this professional charade: it was time to honor my (neglected) body, tune into my heart, and follow my dreams. It was time to let my light shine!

So, in 2011/2012, I left my corporate career behind, re-trained as a professional coach, and launched my own coaching practice to support other women in reconnecting with their own light and consciously creating the life of their dreams.  I also manifested my big dream of becoming a mother:  after a LONG fertility journey, my husband and I became the proud parents of our miracle son.  All made possible because I finally took a leap in the direction of my dreams…not knowing how it would turn out, just trusting that my heart would guide me.

You’re probably wondering what prompted this big leap, what my tipping point was. In April 2010, I spent a heart-wrenching, but absolutely beautiful, nine days caring for my mom before she made her Heavenly ascent.  Spending this time with her- comforting, feeding, bathing, clothing, sleeping beside her- delivered me back to the woman I was always meant to be.  Upon her death, I knew that I could no longer compromise my soul by keeping up this professional charade. Her death also reminded me of how short and precious life is- I didn’t want to waste another day.  As I held her tightly and listened to her final heartbeat, we were both transformed: her spirit took flight and mine was re-born.

Here I am today… blessed to work with amazing women just like you, blessed to be a wife and a mama, blessed to be surrounded by so many friends, blessed to be living the life of my dreams.  Nope, my life isn’t perfect, but I continue to listen to my heart and follow my dreams anyway.

I hope you’re inspired to do the same.  When you are ready to take your first step- baby step or big leap- I’m here for you… as coach, light liberator, cheerleader, confidante, guide, soul sister, and friend.  

Love & Light,


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