You, my fellow dreamer, inspire me!  Connecting with my light-filled, big-dreamin’ sisters is my greatest source of inspiration, which is why I’m drawn to coaching other women and am usually the ringleader of girlie fun no matter where I go.  Bringing like-minded women together for heartfelt talks, encouragement, and impromptu dance parties is my “raison d’etre,” so look out for future group workshops and retreats as my coaching practice continues to evolve.

I’m surrounded by inspiring women in every day- women just like you who are learning to follow their hearts and let their light shine.  Some of their stories are featured on my blog in my LEAP! interview series.   I also draw inspiration from well-known women leaders, like Oprah Winfrey, Brene Brown, Martha Beck, Glennon Doyle, Sheryl Sandberg, and Julia Indichova. It’s not their success which inspires me, but how they follow their passions and let their unique light shine.  Let’s encourage and empower each other to do the same.

“Working with Christina was my first coaching experience and it more than exceeded my expectations. I originally began our sessions thinking I needed support in motivation to finalize a personal project. After a couple of sessions, I soon became aware that there were deeper lying causes, effects and perceptions of motivation which required more examination. Christina guided me through my thought processes and helped me understand, prioritize and set goals for the future. Her approach is non-invasive: she is an excellent listener, intuitive and empathetic. I am grateful for her support and am also proud to call her a friend.”- Nadine C.

(Photography credit: Bronwyn Sutherland)