Empowering YOU to live the life you’ve always dreamed of!

Established in 2012 by solo-preneur Christina Zini, she dreams big is a global coaching and consulting practice, committed to empowering women in pursuit of their dreams.  she dreams big provides three types of services: individual coaching, group workshops and trainings, and corporate consulting.

Individual Coaching Services:

Christina coaches high caliber, visionary and ambitious women who want to take the lead in any aspect of their lives. She loves to work with women who have big dreams to make a difference in this world, namely trailblazers and game changers!

Christina’s coaching style is to focus on the individual’s unique needs and support them in taking the actions needed to make their dreams come true.  She knows how to motivate and challenge her clients in pursuit of their dreams while infusing the journey with playfulness, curiosity and fun.  She builds long-lasting, trusting relationships with her clients based on authenticity, openness and mutual respect.   Read through these testimonials to see what her clients have to say about her!

With her coaching clients, Christina adopts a holistic approach, coaching the whole person as opposed to one aspect of her client’s life.   Generally speaking, most coaching clients focus on setting goals and taking action to realize their dreams in one or more of the following areas:

  • Life Design/Purpose
  • Career Development & Progression
  • Leadership Style
  • Relationships
  • Work-life balance
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Fertility & Motherhood

Don’t know what coaching is?  Have a read through the FAQ’s on the International Coach Federation’s website.

For more information on coaching packages, please email to request a free 30 minutes coaching session and then a coaching package tailored to your specific needs.

Group Workshops & Trainings:

Christina provides women’s leadership development workshops and trainings to groups, organizations, and companies.   Each workshop and training session is customized to the specific needs of the audience, and may focus on one or more of the following topics:

  • Leadership style awareness
  • Leadership competency development (e.g., communication skills, building trust, strategizing, negotiating, etc.)
  • Personal brand development
  • Authentic networking and influencing
  • Team Building

For more information on women’s leadership workshops and trainings and Christina’s background in professional development, please email to request a workshop or training tailored to your group’s specific needs.

Corporate Consulting Services:

Applying her seasoned management consultancy skills combined with her passion for women, Christina also works with forward-thinking companies who want to attract and retain women, are committed to developing these women as leaders, and are willing to take the necessary actions to empower women at all levels of their organization.  She collaborates with companies who embrace women with big dreams and want to support these women in realizing their dreams within the context of their organizational mission.  Some of the services she typically offers are:

  • Assessment of current representation of women in the workforce and efforts to attract, retain, develop and promote women
  • Definition of goals to increase representation of women in the workforce and investment in their development and advancement
  • Planning and design of activities and programmes to achieve these goals
  • Measurement of results and action planning

Christina also offers individual or group coaching within corporate environments, as well as tailored women’s leadership development workshops and trainings.

For more information on corporate advisory services and further details on Christina’s experience as a management consultant, please email to request a proposal tailored to your company’s specific needs.