Christina’s clients are scattered all over the world, representing different nationalities, professions, and backgrounds. They all have one thing in common: they are amazingly talented women with big dreams to lead more satisfying lives and make this world a better place!

In as little as three months’ time, Christina’s clients have achieved tremendous results, such as:

  • Defining their life purpose and taking steps towards living their purpose
  • Building their confidence as a leader and embracing their leadership potential
  • Leaving behind unsatisfying careers to pursue their passion
  • Landing their dream jobs
  • Ending unproductive relationships to make space for more nourishing relationships
  • Losing 25+ pounds
  • Re-gaining control over their work-life balance to improve their overall health and wellness
  • Making empowered decisions about their fertility and path to motherhood
  • Saying goodbye to their inner critic and saying hello to a whole new world of loving and accepting who they are!

Below is a small selection of feedback from Christina’s clients about the value they’ve derived and results they’ve achieved through coaching.

Testimonials from Selected Coaching Clients:

What value have you received through your coaching journey with Christina? “The coaching with Christina could not have come at a better time in my life!  I was facing a number of major life changes and struggling with some important decisions.   I felt that she was a true source of support and insight, and by challenging some of my thinking helped me to make better decisions and feel more confident about them.” – S.W., Attorney at an international law firm 

“The value I have received from coaching with Christina has been amazing. She has helped me with my self-confidence issues when dealing with more senior levels, she has allowed me to visualize where I want to be headed in the next 5-10 yrs and she has also made me believe anything I want to achieve can actually be achieved.” – Joanna Birch

“Christina gave me 100% of her time and attention and I found her understanding; patience and coaching techniques very valuable they got me thinking and working outside my comfort zone to assist me in successfully achieving my goals”- Kirsty Best, Global Search & Recruitment Consultant, BES Global, www.besglobal.net

“Working with Christina was my first coaching experience and it more than exceeded my expectations. I originally began our sessions thinking I needed support in motivation to finalize a personal project. After a couple of sessions, I soon became aware that there were deeper lying causes, effects and perceptions of motivation which required more examination. Christina guided me through my thought processes and helped me understand, prioritize and set goals for the future. Her approach is non-invasive: she is an excellent listener, intuitive and empathetic. I am grateful for her support and am also proud to call her a friend.”- Nadine C.


How would you describe Christina as a coach? “Motivating and inspirational. Really brought me up ALL. THE. TIME. To the point where I was believing in myself again and that I could achieve anything I wanted.” – Rajka Milanovic Galbraith, M.D., Expat Doctor Mom, www.expatdoctormom.com 

“Christina is a thoughtful and caring coach. She listens without judgment and creates a safe space for her clients to voice and explore their issues. She is professional and maintains client confidentiality. She does not tell her clients what to do or how to feel, rather she takes them on a guided journey of the self to allow them to find the answers within.” – C.B., Managing Director, Global Advisory & Consulting Services Company.

“Christina not only listens extremely well, but she has a great way of playing back to me what she heard me say, in a way that makes me stop and think.  With the help of Christina’s thoughtful reflection, I’ve discovered some important insights about myself along the coaching journey.” – Jackie B., Strategy Consultant

“Christina has been so helpful as a coach. She listened to my thoughts and feelings without judgment but also challenged me to think about a situation in other ways. I would recommend her to anyone no matter the stage of life they are in.” – Alexis W.

“Christina has a calm, clear presence that never feels judgmental but that is quietly listening and prompting you to discover the best in yourself.” – Susie B., Consultant/Entrepreneur

“A mindful and dedicated coach, present not only for the sessions, but during the whole journey. Christina is passionate about people and you can just feel it during the sessions.” – E.R.

What will you remember the most about your coaching experience? “I will remember the positive feeling I had after every session, like I could take on the world.  And then I did a bit.”- Amy de Groot, LogMeIn, Inc. 

“What I remember most about my coaching sessions with Christina is the way she created a space where magic happened, and every session ended with me saying WOW!  We tapped into my spirit talking and shined a light on the places that make my heart sing.” – Vicki Flaherty, Author of “Mostly My Heart Sings.”

“The coaching experience kick started a number of areas in my life that had been languishing for far too long.   The structure of the coaching relationship and also the insight I gleaned from our sessions helped me to make a number of important changes, including prioritizing my health.” – S.W., Attorney at an international law firm

“Recognizing that I can be confident and that I can succeed and achieve my dreams and aspirations.” – Joanna Birch

Why should others hire Christina as their coach? “I’ve had coaching before, but Christina really stands out in her approach. She clearly has a unique ability to listen, motivate and inspire. From our first session I felt that Christina was the right coach for me, as she is not soft in her approach and really puts you to work to ensure you reach your desired goals. I greatly benefited from Christina’s coaching in both my work and personal life and can highly recommend her.” – Marjolein, HR Professional, Global Technology Company. 

“If you’re committed to developing yourself then you should definitely hire Christina as your coach. Her ability to express herself in clear terms and create a safe environment takes a lot of the hard work out of being coached. Christina can level with you and speak in a way that is easy to digest and put into action. Most importantly, you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. Goals can be simple or complicated – the process is the same. It’s not rocket science but it takes a superstar to help you craft and live your true potential.” – Kacy, Global Technology Company.

“Christina is clearly passionate about helping women to achieve their greatest potential.  She is invested in the success of her clients and the value they get from the coaching process.  Christina comes across as more than just a coach – she is an advocate, champion, mentor and friend.” – Jackie B., Strategy Consultant

“If you want to have greater clarity about your passions and goals, and what might be getting in the way of your embracing them, Christina is the coach for you.  She will help you create a clear vision for what you want in your life and how you want to be as you move in that direction.”  – Vicki Flaherty, Author of “Mostly My Heart Sings.”